Who are we?

Deer Management Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania is an organization of elite, highly experienced, and highly educated sportsmen from this region. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide sophisticated deer management solutions to the landowners of Southeastern PA, and the surrounding areas. Combined, our members possess OVER 500 YEARS of hunting and deer management experience. Our members are highly respected in their own professional fields and in their communities. These include:

  • A Retired Chief of Police and other current and retired law enforcement officers from Haverford Township and Chester City

  • 2 past school board members and a teacher

  • Volunteer firefighters

  • A past Chester County Councilman

  • Private Contractors - Carpentry, Electrician, Tree Surgery

  • An ordained Minister in Chester County

  • A present Governor's Appointee to the Pa. Game Commission

We are not your typical hunters. Our members are both highly trained academically and in the field of deer management. Each member has passed BOTH a 12 hour hunter safety course AND a 10 hour bow hunter certification. We require re-qualification annually with our equipment and those who fail to meet our high standards are not invited to return. We attend regular meetings to enhance our knowledge. It is safe to say that we are indeed the experts in our field.

Our safety track record is flawless. In the thousands of man-hours our members have spent in the field, our organization has never been cited for even a minor game violation. Being safety conscious we have experienced zero hunting related injuries. We perform routine background checks on our members, and membership can only be obtained, through the sponsorship of a current member, and passing all of the above qualifications. We believe that hunting on your property is a privilege, and we will take every precaution to ensure the safety of you, your property, and our organization's members.


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