Why do we exist?



Deer Management Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania is a Deer Management Organization composed of professional hunters. Our emphasis is on archery hunting as the most effective tool in deer management for the heavily developed areas of southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Our members include professionals in local government, law enforcement, education and business. Each member is certified, qualifies annually, and practices a safety first hunting concept.

With hunters having limited access to designated open space, deer populations have outgrown and decimated their natural woodlots. As a result, they have turned to residential and commercial properties where they eat ornamental flowers, plants and trees. This habitat change has also led to an increase in deer/vehicle collisions, creating higher insurance costs, injuries and death.  In fact, according to an article by CNN.COM,  Pennsylvania has more vehicle-deer collisions than any other state.  Another study by Erie Insurance suggests that 12 out of every one thousand drivers in PA will collide with a deer each year, and the average claim will run over $2,000.00.  Deer collisions are responsible for 40% of all comprehensive claims paid by Erie annually.  The numbers are frightening, and are actually higher locally, due to the intense population concentrations in southeastern, PA.

Another byproduct of this whitetail population explosion is a marked increase in Lyme disease.  The deer (or black-legged) tick in the northeast is the primary (and possibly the only) known transmitter of true Lyme disease in Pennsylvania, and according to Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology, "A relationship has been observed between the abundance of deer and the abundance of deer ticks... Reducing and managing deer populations in geographic areas where Lyme disease occurs may reduce tick abundance". 

The Deer Management Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania practice a quality deer management philosophy with a common goal of producing biologically and socially balanced deer herds. This approach typically involves an adequate harvest of female deer to maintain a healthy population in balance with existing habitat conditions. With this goal in mind, our organization can tailor a no-cost deer management plan on your property, utilizing one or more hunters as your needs dictate.


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